MBA Interview Preparation – Houly

  • Personal MBA Interview coaching, in person (in NYC) or via video chat
  • Mock interview based on your specific application and your target schools
  • Written feedback to help you keep practicing after the session
  • Guidance and tips for your specific targeted school
  • Price: $260

Why you need interview coaching?

Don’t talk to the hand, talk to an MBA admissions expert! the MBA interview is a make-or-break element for many MBA programs; they want to meet the person behind the essays and figure out if they are that good as they claim to be (or even better).  Even strong communicators and applicant who are confident about their interview skills could benefit from a mock interview session.

Should you let the interview drive the session or you should push your own selling points? How should you handle questions about your GMAT, GPA or work experience? We will give you a mock interview, identify the strong points you should highlight, and guide you on how to tackle difficult questions.

MBA Interview Coaching – Comprehensive Package

  • Includes 3 live interview coaching sessions (mock interview and general interview preparation)
  • Analysis of your profile, and customized questions based on your MBA application
  • Guidance and tips for your specific schools
  • Price: $740

Interview Services:

All the Interview Coaching You Need to Ace your MBA Interview

Practice makes perfect! If you are stressed about your MBA interview, you will surely benefit from our comprehensive MBA interview coaching package. We will provide you with specific feedback on your performance, timing and body language. You will have time to further prepare and you will be able to see and hear your progress in the subsequent interview simulations.

Other Available Services:

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