MBA Letters of Recommendation: Guidance and Editing

MBA Letters of Recommendation Editing (hourly)

  • For applicants with drafts or without drafts
  • Live and offline editing of recommendation letters
  • Editing focused on content, strength and added value to your application
  • Price: $200

MBA Letter of Recommendation: Editing and Strategy Package

  • For students with or without drafts
  • Strategy session: review your potential recommenders, and select the best combination for your target school
  • We will prepare pointers and cheat-sheet for your supervisor/peer/manager, to make it easy for them to write your letters
  • Unlimited editing of all your recommendation letters for one school
  • Price: $800



Securing Impressive MBA Recommendation Letters Is Not Easy

Your recommenders are busy individuals, and you want to make the process of writing your support letters efficient and easy, while ensuring that these letters impress the admissions committee and reinforce all your claims-to-fame in the resume and application.

We will review your essays and resume, to identify your strengths and weakness. We will spot areas and issues that the admissions committee will look for, and check to see if they are covered in the recommendation letters.

Let us deliver the feedback to your recommenders: we can work directly with them.

Other Available Services:

Not sure which is the right service for you?

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