Emory University’s MBA (ranked 23rd by Business Week) is holding a conference to give students that ability to learn more about the schools, do some networking and help you make the decision. Yes, this is a “selling event”, however – if you are considering the school and can take these 2 days and go to Atlanta I would highly recommend it.
This is a small program, with less than 400 students total in the full-time track and a very diversified class – about 39% female, 41% international . About half of the students join either consulting or finance companies upon graduation.

From Emory’s email :

Emory University’s Inside Goizueta Conference is only 4 weeks away! Inside Goizueta will be held November 12-13, 2009 on the campus of Emory University. This is a unique opportunity that will provide you with a comprehensive view of life at Goizueta. You will learn about the rigorous curriculum, interact with current students and alumni, witness Goizueta’s commitment to diversity through the Diverse Leadership Conference and experience the wonderful city of Atlanta.
Throughout the conference, you will meet faculty as well as admissions, career management, and program staff. At Inside Goizueta, you will attend networking and social events designed to provide an “inside” view of the various MBA Programs that Emory has to offer.
Apply now! The application deadline is October 30, 2009.
For additional information please visit www.goizueta.emory.edu/inside_gbs.
2009 Inside Goizueta Committee