If NYU Stern MBA program in on part of your wish list, here are some resources that you can use while researching and working on your application.
1. Full time MBA Admissions – homepage for the full time program.
2. Part time MBA Admissions – homepage for the part time program.
3. Executive MBA Admission – homepage for Stern’s EMBA program.
4. Stern Class profile – compare your stats to the incoming class to get an initial analysis on how challenging it would be for you to get into NYU’s MBA. The application is not a walk in the park, but as an alumna I can promise you it’s worth It.
5. MBA students clubs – here’s a full list of professional clubs (e.g. marketing, finance etc), Community Clubs (Asian/European/Latin /Jewish Students association) and Sport and Social clubs (Golf, Soccer, Rugby, Wine etc). Find clubs that fit both your professional development needs – the industry you want to get into as well as social group that will help you enjoy your time at school. This is also good material for the second essay in Stern’s NYU Application.
6. Stern’s LGBT – read more about OutClass, Stern’s LGBT club. Find out about recruiting events, club activity and scholarship.
7. Women at Stern – find out more information about SWIB – Stern Women in Business, one of the strongest clubs on campus. This is also a good opportunity to visit the Forte Foundation and check out their networking opportunities as well as scholarship for MBA.
8. Stern Stories Video series – If you’re not in the mood for a lot of reading just watch these short students videos prepared by and about students at NYU’s Stern.