Want to get into Darden Business School? Starting to work on your Darden MBA Application for the incoming class of 2013?
If the MBA program at University of Virgina is one school that you’re targeting (whether as reach or competitive), here are some resources that you can look at to get more information :
1. Darden MBA official website – the homepage of the MBA program, you can also download the brochure if you can’t wait to get it by mail.
2. Darden MBA class profile – see where you are standing compared to the current class, to get a better evaluation of your admission chances.
3. Visit Darden – you can schedule a visit, attend a class, hear an explanation about the financial program and also get a free lunch with a current MBA student.
4. Darden video tour – If you don’t have the time or money to physically attend the school, watch an 11 minutes video on YouTube hosted by a current Darden MBA student.
5. Listen to Darden podcast – register or download the Darden BusinessCast, which is published weekly.
6. Darden MBA student blog – read about the experience of current MBA students at Darden.
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