Want to get into Duke MBA program? Here is a useful resource guide, to be used before you make the decision to apply and once you’re in the research and essays writing process, plus a tip on how to save $200.

  1. Duke MBA class profile – 40% women, 40% international and a decent class size of over 400 students. There’s 0.5% of the incoming class (meaning 2 students) without any work experience. This means there’s a lot of room for many conventional and less conventional applicants.
  2. Duke Curriculum – Duke MBA has a mini-semester method, in which each class lasts 6 weeks – meaning that you are taking the final before you realized you are back in school. This could be a challenging transition for people who haven’t been in academic setting for a while, or like to take the time and get used to a topic. One of the benefits is that students are done with almost all their core classes before the interviews for the summer internship starts – during the winter break. Check out these research centers for more information about Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) , Corporate Sustainability Initiative and more.
  3. Energy and Environment concentration – as part of the Duke MBA you can graduate with up to 2 concentrations. One of the most interesting concentrations is a green one – including 5 business classes and 5 non-business classes, such as Environmental Law, Energy Technology and more. Interesting fact: Duke has a “green recruiting” policy, restricting the use of corporate giveaway items. Hopefully companies spend less on pens and more on your signing bonus (or at least on the food at the corporate receptions)
  4. Careers at Duke – if you are targeting consulting, finance or consumer product positions post MBA, there are plenty of recruiters at Duke that can fit your needs. Also, Duke MBA career office did a wonderful job highlighting the companies that hired International students within the file.
  5. Fuqua Pride – Duke’s LGBT club and The Black and Latino MBA organization provide resources, so if you are part of any these groups do not hesitate to contact them to get more information about the school and how the club can help you with the admission process.
  6. Application fee waiver for Duke – check to see if you are qualified to save $200 on the Duke MBA application fee.
  7. Duke Essay questions –find a details analysis of Duke’s admissions requirements.


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