Here’s a list of useful resources that should help you find more information about the program as well as some ideas on what to include regarding your fit to the Georgetown MBA and how the program is going to benefit your short and long term career.
The McDonough School of business, located in Washington DC, is a good fit for prospective students pursing career in finance, consulting, marketing and government.
McDonough MBA resources: 

  1. Georgetown MBA – homepage of the program, your starting point for all of your research.
  2. International focus and MBA residencies – McDonough School of business has a special component in the curriculum called residencies. These are weeklong classes. The curriculum includes 4 mandatory residencies; the most interesting one is the Global Residency, in which students solve a true business case for an international company or a Fortune 500 company. One great thing about the residencies that this “forces” all students to exercise their casing and presentation ability, making sure that everyone grows – even if they are not into consulting or public speaking.
  3. Georgetown Class profile – start with this basic data to figure out where you are compared to the entering class in terms of GMAT, GPA and work experience.
  4. LGBT at Georgetown – the LGBT club at Georgetown business school is very active, and the Reaching Out LGBT MBA Conference held in Washington in 2008 was extremely successful.
  5. Careers at Georgetown – on average, about a half of the class heads for finance, a quarter to consulting and 20% more to sales and marketing.
  6. Living in DC while studying at Georgetown – to get a better sense on how this hub of politics and international companies operate, try to read a bit of the local newspaper – The Washington Post.
  7. Georgetown Admission tips – read the transcript of Admission officers, including Melissa Terrio, associate director of admissions at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University.

Interesting fact: Georgetown University’s Business School was founded in 1957 as an outgrowth of Georgetown’s Foreign Service School, and was renamed at 1998 named after Robert Emmett McDonough, an entrepreneur who made his fortune starting temporary staffing agencies in the US.

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