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UCLA MBA Admissions: Tips and Useful Links
  1. Full time MBA, Part time MBA (FEMBA), EMBA and UCLA-NUS (National University of Singapore) – to figure out which UCLA MBA program best fits your needs, you want to start looking at this table and read an overview of class’ profile, focus of programs and of course – the schedule. All UCLA MBA programs have strong reputation and ranking, so make sure to apply to the program that will serve you best in terms of career advancement, schedule and social aspects.
  2. Master of Finance Engineering – for people seeking a Master’s degree focused on Finance, UCLA offers this program which is small (about 40 people class size) and the placement data for summer internship is extremely strong. The program is only 1 year long (from January to December), including a summer internship slot. Clearly, tuition and costs are lower for UCLA MFE compared to the UCLA MBA; however it is not less competitive.
  3. UCLA Class profile – for the full time MBA, this is a medium size program with 360 students in the incoming class of 2011. About 12% of applicants were admitted – not an easy selection process for both applicants and Admissions Committee. It is interesting to see that about 7% of the incoming class has a non-profit/public background, as well as 7% from Media and entertainment. This is LA after all…NYU, which is also a big attraction for Media people has overall 14% of the incoming class with Media, Entertainment and Technology , but from my experience the Technology portion is significant and is probably more than half of this category.
  4. Careers for UCLA MBA’s – 64% of the students found their job via school resources, such as summer internship opportunities (about 30%). The top leading industries in terms of recruiting are consulting, finance and technology. About 4% of the class went to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and started their own ventures post graduation. Healthcare was also a popular career path with about 8% of the graduating class.
  5. CIBER at UCLA – UCLA Center for International Business Education & Research is one highlight of the UCLA MBA program. This is an opportunity for students to do field research in a topic of their interest around the world, a part of the students’ summer internship or just a learning trip. Read the
    UCLA CIBER blog
    and about other UCLA Centers for topics such as Finance, Media, Real Estate and more.
  6. GAP at UCLA – Global Access Program (GAP) at the UCLA Anderson School of Management is a hand-on project, in which students work together with companies, advising them on how to solve business problems. Companies are required to be committed to this process and provide students access to both top management and financial data, as well as pay $15,000 program fees. Companies are taking this seriously and students’ effort result not only in learning but also network building and potential employment opportunities. The GAP program is available to UCLA part-time students (FEMBA – fully employed MBA program), which is a huge benefit to part time students focused on both entrepreneurship and global careers.
  7. UCLA LGBT – Section G is the networking center for Anderson’s LGBT community. Section G organizes events, helps people throughout their application process and more.
  8. Family & Partners at UCLA – If you already have a significant other, the MBA decision is more complicated and the location and school has a lot of impact on the overall experience you and your family will go through. UCLA offers resources for families both in terms of housing, campus wide activities and UCLA Joint Ventures club.

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