Rice MBA is located in Houston, Texas – it’s the 4th biggest city in the US and the program is well diversified – about 30% of the classes are international students and over 30% are female. Rice has been coming up in the ranking and in the latest FT got the 44th place, compared with 53rd in 2009 and 64th in the 2008. The increase in salary per FT is just about the average for the overall MBA programs – 105% salary percentage increase. The school isn’t ranked by Business week; however its selectivity rate is at 34%. The Median GMAT score is at 680, pretty high compared to the fact that it’s still a second/third tier school. For students looking to move into finance (about 50% of the graduates go into finance/accounting) this is another option that should be considered.


Here’s Admit1MBA’s analysis of the essays:
Three personal essays, articulating your choice of Rice University’s Jones School. The topics for admission include:

1. Discuss your post-MBA career goals and how your work experience has influenced these goals. Include in your discussion: “Why an MBA at this time?” and “The industry or functional area you plan to pursue at the completion of your MBA.” Analysis: Classic MBA essay, mostly focusing on the future. Rice MBA wants to hear the details – what job you are looking for – in terms of industry, position etc.

2. Describe a team experience where your leadership and interpersonal skills directly affected the outcome of the project. How will this experience impact your contribution as a team member at the Jones School?

Analysis: team related essay, very common in many other schools as well. The focus should be on how you performed and you handled the situation. Try to include a relatively diverse experience, that shows multiple aspects of your personality and leadership styles.

3. Choose one of the following three essays:

– Describe a defining moment or event that changed your life. Include its impact on you and how it may have altered your view of the world. Essay analysis: could be a personal or a professional essay, depending on what you want to highlight and the balance of your resume and ex-curricular activity.

– If you took out a one-page advertisement of yourself in a magazine what would it look like and what would the headline be? Which magazine would it be in and why? Essay analysis: similar to NYU creative essay, Chicago slides and many others, this is the place to be creative, show your sense of humor and your non-professional side.

– What literary character best represents you and why? Again, this essay calls for creativity and doing something out of the ordinary. For students who decide to focus on books that are less known, you might want to give a 1 or 2 lines overview of the book.

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