If you are applying to Georgetown Business School during the upcoming application cycle, a good way to start is by attending virtual tours of the Georgetown campus and learning more about McDonough School of Business. A better understanding of the program’s curriculum, career services and opportunists, will help you write a strong MBA application.

What’s included in the Georgetown MBA tour ?
These webinars provide a bit of an insider’s perspective on the Georgetown MBA experience.  A Student Ambassador will provide an overview of the curriculum, student life, career management, and more.  A member of the Georgetown MBA Admissions Committee will also review the admissions process and share helpful tips to help prepare a competitive application. Also, you will get a chance to see some pictures and hear about the new  home of the business school – the Rafik B. Hariri Building.

To get more ideas on what Georgetown Admissions are looking for in candidates and useful resource to prepare your Georgetown MBA application, check out the Georgetown MBA resources post.

If you are applying to Georgetown MBA 3rd round this upcoming deadline, send me your resume or essay for a free evaluation of your chances or essay feedback.

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