Cambridge Interview day: If you are among the lucky ones  – less than a third of the applicants are called for interview – you should be getting ready.
Make sure to read the Cambridge MBA Interview website, which provides ample information about the interview day at Judge’s MBA, including students’ feedback.

Be ready to deliver your elevator pitch and present yourself multiple time to Admissions team and other prospective students.

Cambridge Judge Business School interview process is one of the most comprehensive among schools – you are not only going to meet the Admissions team and have a structure interview of 30 minutes, but you are also going to network with current students, prospective students during a very long day (from 8:30 a.m to about 5 p.m). Applicants are required to present themselves, talk about their career and interact with each other. This is truly an opportunity for the school to evaluate MBA applicant in multiple situation. It’s very hard to pull off a story about yourself/career that is far from the true – so be prepared to be honest and focused.

If you would like to schedule a mock interview session email me today at We have helped many applicants get into Cambridge MBA program and would be happy to coach you as well.

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