If you are looking for a part-time MBA that has a strong brand, you should consider Chicago’s Booth MBA program.

The upcoming Chicago Part-time MBA program starts in September 2010 and applications are received until July 1st – so there are only few weeks to go.

Unlike NYU MBA’s part-time program, the Chicago MBA requires interview from all part-time applicants. This shows a very strong commitment from the Chicago MBA Admissions to the process as well as applicants need to make sure they are 100% comfortable with their story and essays, and reaedy to present them in person to the admission committee.

Chicago’s essays are quite long for a part-time program, so make sure to prepare a good case and have everything well written and reviewed before you click on the “submit”.

Here’s my analysis to Chicago Booth MBA application:

Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Autumn 2010

  1. Why are you pursuing an MBA at this point in your career? Describe your personal and professional goals and the role an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business plays in your plans to reach these goals. (1500 word maximum)


Chicago Essay Analysis: this is the classic MBA essay, focusing on your career. It’s interesting to not that there’s not a specific time frame (e.g. next 5/3 years) and that there’s not requirement to discuss both short-term and long term goals, as many schools do. Also notice how the essays asked “personal and professional” goals, so there’s a bit more room to be personal and talk about goals that are not strictly professional. I like that Chicago’s MBA admission is allowing more flexibility here both in terms of content and length.

2. Choose one (1000 word maximum)

a) Describe a time when you wish you could have retracted something you said or did. When did you realize your mistake and how did you handle the situation?

b) Describe a time when you were surprised by feedback that you received. What was the feedback and why were you surprised?

Chicago Essay Analysis: both questions ask you to show maturity, a good understanding of things about you that are less than perfect. These are not easy questions to answer, but you want to be honest – nobody is perfect, and business schools do not look for perfect people. If you were a perfect leader/manager, there would be no need for you to get an MBA. Make sure to explain the situation and avoid giving excuses – if you messed it up, talk about it – but show how you’ve grown and done better. It’s good to pick something that’s still relevant (e.g. not a mistake you did in high school).

3. What factors led to your decision to apply to a part-time MBA program? (500 word maximum)

Chicago Essay Analysis: similar to many schools essays about the fit (NYU Langone’s 3rd essay for example), this is the place to show that you’ve done your research and you are really serious about attending Booth. It’s not that you happen to live in Chicago and that’s the only program that fits your schedule, but there’s something about the school that attracts you and that will fit your goals. A good idea would also to make sure that you’re not overlapping with the first essay.

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