Kellogg School Executive MBA Program, ranked #1 by BusinessWeek for the past 18 years as well as The Wall Street Journal and US News & World Report.

Only about a third of the Kellogg EMBA class is located within 45 miles of the campus, so if you are willing to travel twice a month in order to get a top MBA you should absolutely consider this top program offered by Kellogg. 

The Kellogg Executive MBA Program is coming to New York! 
Kellogg Executive MBA is holding an information session  – an opportunity for prospective student to learn 

more about the program and to speak with an Admissions Director: 
The event will take place in New York on June 2, 2010, 6:00 pm. 
Download a copy of the Kellogg EMBA Program Brochure, or visit the Kellogg Executive MBA website to learn more.
Some more information about the Kellogg Executive MBA :
1. Average age of students : 37
2. Middle 80% age range: From: 31 to 44
3. Is GMAT required ? No, although the Kellogg Executive MBA Admissions office might require it from a candidate. 
The Kellogg EMBA Program includes four classes –  the Regional Program, the September North American Program, the January North American Program and the EMBA Program in Miami. The schedule and application deadlines are different, however the curriculum is the same. 
The Kellogg School of Management offers the following Executive MBA program schedules to choose from:

September in Evanston, Twice Monthly
Classes meet every other week from Friday through Sunday, beginning in September.

January in Evanston, Twice Monthly
Classes meet every other week from Friday through Saturday, beginning in January.

January in Miami, Monthly 
Classes meet once a month from Thursday afternoon through Sunday noon beginning in January.

Global Partner Programs
Joint EMBA programs through partnerships with schools in Israel, Germany, Hong Kong and Canada.