If you are considering the Columbia’s MBA program, you should be thinking and preparing for the interview even before you submit your application.


Columbia business school uses alumni of the Columbia MBA program, rather than professional Admission committee members as the interviewers for the MBA program. In addition, the interview is a “blind interview” – meaning that the interviewer didn’t receive any information about the candidate excluding his/her resume. This means that you have to work of your entire interview from your resume, and be prepared to talk to every specific bullet point.

You also want to make sure that your resume is impressive– you might be able to impress Columbia Admissions Committee with strong essays and recommendation, therefore compensating for a less than perfect resume and get an interview. However, if your resume doesn’t make a great first impression on the interviewer you are in trouble. The interviewers are alumni, who are interested in maintaining and strengthening the Columbia brand (and therefore their own brand and network) by making sure that only the best and brightest get into Columbia’s MBA program.

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