Do you want to become an equity researcher? If you are already working in this role and can be promoted within your company, a CFA might be the right option. However, if you want to switch career into this position or if your company requires an MBA in order to get promote, it’s not such a bad idea.


MBA is still a common path for people who wish to do so. It’s definitely easier to switch with an MBA than without it. However, with Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns out of the game, there are less spots and recruiting is even more challenging.

If you are still passionate about it and think you have what it takes, you should considering the following MBA programs.

Top MBA for Equity Research:

NYU’s MBA – from this top MBA program, about 5% of students found jobs in equity research sell side and another 2% went into equity research buys side, that’s about 28 people from a class of 400 students. Check out my NYU’s MBA resources post.

Columbia‘s MBA – about 8.2% of the class went into equity research, and that’s about 58 people from the class of 2009. See my analysis of Columbia MBA’s essays.

Wharton MBA – an amazing 9.1% of the class were able to find a job in equity research – 48 students, from a total class of over 520 people (Wharton class of 2009). Interesting enough, if we want to see trends in equity research, Wharton class of 2010 (which just graduated) was able to secure significantly more positions in equity research – only about 2.2% of the class ( 17 students).

Other programs to consider: Chicago Booth MBA (about 6% of graduates got offers from Research / Investment Management), Tuck MBA and LBS (if Europe is an option).

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