The Columbia-Wharton combination is common for many prospective MBA applicants. Some candidates who have Wharton and Columbia as their top choices are debating what to do given that Columbia MBA requires applicants in the early decision round to commit to enroll if they are accepted. Should students apply early decision for Columbia and miss the opportunity to send in their Wharton application in the 1st round? Or maybe just wait for the regular admissions at Columbia while sending their application for Wharton in the 1st round?

[title size=”3″]Application Strategy [/title]

Some applicants found a creative strategy – applying to Columbia early admissions while applying in the first round to Wharton. Their plan is as follows: send their application early to Wharton first round, and submit their Columbia Early Decision application closer to the deadline. They are hoping to get an interview and final answer (hoping YES from Wharton) before getting an answer from Columbia. The decision release date for Wharton is December 17th, 2013,  but it might be earlier if the interview is early and the candidate is offered admission to Wharton. If they get into Wharton, they can withdraw their application to Columbia, therefore not breaking their promise to Columbia MBA to enroll if they are accepted. If they don’t get into Wharton MBA and just into Columbia MBA, they will enroll at Columbia.

It’s not an easy or a comfortable process. There is risk, of course, that the schedule won’t go as planned and that students will get a binding answer from Columbia MBA before the answer from Wharton. However, this is a solution to the somewhat challenging requirement that the Columbia MBA is imposing on strong prospective applicants.

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