Applying to NYU’s full-time or part-time MBA program?
Here’s a list of things that I’ve seen clients do in the creative section: 
1. Powerpoint / presentation.
Pros: easy to create, design usually looks decent+, could be done online (no need for shipping etc)
Cons: Guess how many people are going to use a presentation? A lot. Also, the ressemblance to Chicago’s creative essay could make the Admission committee at NYU suspicisou about your focused on small programs/NYC.

2. Some images from your high-school / sports / family event / saving the world / hugging trees / with you own NGO in Africa, South East Asia etc…
Pros: You can include  lot of info is this format, it showes a bit of creativity, pictures are always fun to use and read and you can submit a soft-copy if you don’t have the energy to print in color.
Cons: If this is heavy on images, you shouldn’t abuse this and have more than 500 words. Also, if you don’t have a good visual sense this might come out looking like a 3rd grade art-work.

3. An essay about yourself.
Pros: No need for special graphic skills, and once you come up with the right content it’s done.
Cons: You are tired from writing and re-writing your MBA essays ,so the option to do something differnet is refreshing. Also, if you are planning to write an optional essay for NYU there might be too many words in your application, making it a bit “heavy” to digest.

4, 5, 6 and more – These are the best ideas – the ones you come up with on your own (or with someon’e guidance) and who reflect your profile, your personality and your committment to the school. I’ve seen many creative essays that can make or break a prospective student application. 

Honesly, any idea and format – wheter it’s a powerpoint, essay, table, calender etc could work – as long as the quality is good and it helps you present an holisitc authentic view of the applicant.

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