Getting an interview invitation from London Business School MBA program is great news, however there’s much more to do than celebrate. LBS MBA off-campus interviews are performed by local alumni, who receive the applicant’s resume and essays.  In addition to the usual fare of MBA interview questions, the LBS MBA interview includes a presentation section, asking applicants to give an impromptu presentation regarding a global topic or current issue.

The surprise aspect of the London Business School presentation questions enables LBS MBA to judge whether the applicant has strong communication skills, can think fast but still be structured. The presentation also gives an insight to the applicant’s general knowledge, intellectual curiosity and overall passion for global business.

This could be scary. How should you prepare for the LBS MBA Interview?
1. If  you have been following global politics and business: focus on structuring your answers, articulating your ideas and presenting convincing arguments. There’s usually not a right or wrong answer, so it’s about organizing your thoughts and presenting them.

2. If your knowledge about business is quite limited  – ouch!  Try catching up by reading magazines and daily newspaper (The Economist, Business Week, FT, Time, WSJ etc) for high-level knowledge and deeper analysis. You can’t cover too much in few weeks, so focus on critical issues in the news and in your region. It will be easier to learn about topics you are excited about, so work on that.

3. In both cases, do a few mock interviews on current affairs or topics that have been known to be used at LBS MBA interviews  – growth at various countries, ethics and diversity. Get honest feedback on your presentation style, analysis and communication.

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