MIT Sloan MBA Application Essays

MIT Sloan application do not ask you to talk about your career goals or vision, they want to see your past performance and extrapolate based on your results so far.

MIT Cover Letter

Prepare a cover letter (up to 500 words) seeking a place in the MIT Sloan MBA Program. Describe your accomplishments and include an example of how you had an impact on a group or organization. Your letter should conform to standard business correspondence and be addressed to Mr. Rod Garcia, Director of MBA Admissions

Analysis:  show your ability to write a formal cover letter. Make sure to select the right story – meaningful and impressive. It’s a 2 minutes elevator speech but in writing.

MIT Essays
We are interested in learning more about you and how you work, think, and act. For each essay, please provide a brief overview of the situation followed by a detailed description of your response. Please limit the experiences you discuss to those which have occurred in the past three years.
In each of the essays please describe in detail what you thought, felt, said, and did.

  • Essay 1: Please describe a time when you went beyond what was defined, expected, established, or popular. (500 words or fewer, limited to one page)

Analysis: find a story that is exceptional – being innovative, courageous or curious. Don’t just tell a story about working long hours and doing a really great job, which is generally expected from top MBA applicants.  

  • Essay 2: Please describe a time when you convinced an individual or group to accept one of your ideas. (500 words or fewer, limited to one page)

Analysis: this essay is focused on communication skills; show your ability to understand others’ motives, agendas and personalities, and having a good reality check of your surroundings. 

  • Essay 3: Please describe a time when you took responsibility for achieving an objective. (500 words or fewer, limited to one page)

Analysis: the focus here is on the responsibility and the outcome. Talk about overcoming conflict and other obstacles. Notice – taking responsibility means acting beyond your regular job description and responsibilities. 

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