Happy Year of the Dragon !

If your post-MBA career goals include emerging markets, you should start preparing to intelligently discuss the major economic trends and challenges of the area in your essays, and off-course -during the MBA interview (At Stanford, NYU, or any other school)
It’s easy to say that you are going to work in China, Brazil or India, but you need to convince the MBA Admissions Committee that you have spent time and energy researching these topics.

Some interesting articles to read this week:
*  Vietnam’s dot-com and how coupons are being delivered
*  Indonesia credit upgrading, and what it means for investors
* Textile producing are moving outside China, to Cambodia and other countries in South East Asia – why?

If you are early in the MBA application process, consider attending the Economist WhichMBA? online fair, starting on February 5th. Presenting schools include MIT, UCLA, Darden, UNC and more.

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