The average profile for the Wharton EMBA is an individual over 30, with 8 years of experience, including 5 years of managerial experience. However, these numbers are not set in stone, as the Admissions committee for the Wharton Executive MBA evaluates each application individually, taking into consideration the applicant’s performance and career progression.
For example, leading a cross-company project or securing large strategic clients and deals will help you meet the admissions criteria for managerial experience. In the end, it is your impact on the organization and proven accomplishments that will make you an attractive candidate. Younger candidates with limited managerial experience may want to consider the Fellows program, which requires full financial sponsorship from their employer, a commitment that ranges from $167K to $174K (including room and board)Seeking an objective review of your Wharton EMBA essays? Need help deciding whether you have a chance getting into the Wharton EMBA program? Email to schedule a working session before the deadline. 
Wharton EMBA Essay Questions:

 There are 3 required essays and 1 optional essay: ESSAY 1 Required; 1000 word limit: What is your career objective and how will the Wharton MBA Program for Executives contribute to your attainment of these objectives?

ESSAY 2 Required; 1000 word limit. We’d like to get to know you beyond your professional life. You may tell us about the people or experiences that have shaped you, what inspires and motivates you, and anything interesting that we wouldn’t otherwise learn from your application.

ESSAY 3 Required; 500 word limit. Answer this question: Given your already demanding job and the desire to remain committed to important family and personal obligations, how do you plan to handle this additional demand on you?

Executive MBA Admissions tips:

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[testimonial name=”IT Manager” gender=”male” company=”Admitted to Wharton EMBA” link=”” target=””]”Applied to only Wharton EMBA and am accepted in it.  I wanted to thank you for your valuable inputs, support and patience over the past few months. I never would have made it without your help and I can safely say my application wouldn’t have been half as good.  I will never forget my final mock interview on Saturday morning as I was driving to Philadelphia …. I cannot thank you enough!”[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Private Banker” gender=”male” company=”Admitted to Wharton EMBA” link=”” target=””]”Our first conversation was exactly what I needed. She was very calming. Yeal was very flexible and worked around my schedule to get our sessions in. I felt like she cared very much about my story and pushed me to think about my vision. By the time the deadlines came, I was confident that my application told my unique story. The Wharton Executive MBA Program thought so too! I know I could not have done it without Yael. I highly recommend her.”[/testimonial]

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