You’ve taken the GMAT for the third time and still haven’t reached 700.

There are 2 options:
1. You’re worried that your low score will prevent you from getting into HBS, Stanford, LBS or Wharton.
2. You feel confident that your overall profile will compensate for this low score, and that you will get in.

I have seen candidates with a 650-score get into top schools such as London Business School, INSEAD, Wharton, Columbia and more – but these are the exceptions to the rule.
What was so special about these candidates? I can assure you that none of these candidates were perfect. Some had a low GPA, others had limited community service, and a few others came from a well-represented applicant pool (engineering and finance).
Still, all of them had glowing recommendations from their supervisors, an evident passion for business, and an engaging personality that they were willing to share with the admissions team at their dream MBA programs.

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