One of the biggest challenges of getting into London Business School is performing well in the interview phase. In addition to the unusual length of 1 to 2 hours per interview (versus the usual 30 or 45 minutes at other schools), you are going to face the topic presentation.   In your interview you will  need to create a short presentation based on a topic given to you at the time of the interview. You will have only 2-3 minutes to prepare for it, and there is no public list of questions that you can review beforehand.
The purpose of this presentation is to test your communication skills and overall business knowledge and acumen. Preparing for the London Business School presentation is somewhat similar to preparing for a case-interview, as you need a structure and a method that will help you “crack” any topics or questions. 

How can you prepare?
1. Read the news and follow world business and politics.  If you can’t talk about the European debt crisis or commodity prices, you’d better start practicing.
2. Talk to yourself! It’s always a good idea to hear yourself speak about a new topic. You can even record yourself via a webcam and see how you perform.
3. Do a few quick drills every day: Write a topic (globalization, oil prices, health-care reform) and break it down into 5 bullet points in just 3 minutes. If you do this exercise 3 times a day for a week you will feel much better.
4. Get feedback. Email to schedule a free 10-minute London Business School Presentation interview. Limited time offer; coupon code LB12 must be included.