I recently got accepted to Columbia EMBA and a lot of the credit goes to Yael.   Before my first discussion with Yael, I didn’t even know about Columbia EMBA weekend program.  With Yael’s help, I was able to put together a strong application within of a few weeks. .
She helped me flush out ideas on my essays and go beyond my short term goals and focus on the bigger picture. She also helped to change my technical resume into a leadership and result driven resume.  I even printed and reviewed the complete application; it is amazing how many little things (spelling, word repetition etc) I would have missed without Yael’s review.
Yael is very personable and attentive listener and her advice is simple and effective. It is immensely helpful to have someone in your corner who understands the process as well as Yael.
South Asians kaay liye aisi service bohat helpful hai.  Mein kissi MBA graduate ko nai jantaa thaa, Yael saay baat kar kaay mujhy andaza huwaa kaay admission walaay kyaa chahtay hein,.   Meraa background thora technical thaa aur meeray essay bohat lambaay aur complicated thaay,  Yael nay kaafi help kii meeray essay koo asaan aur chota karnaay mein.  Shayad mujhy iss kaay bagair bhii admission mill jataa laiken Yael naaay kaafi chezein mujhy samjhaa tau saaray process mein pareshaani nai hue.  MBA kaay liyee itnaa paisa kharach karma hai tau thoraa idher lug jaee tau koee nai.
Thanks Yael,
SA, New York, NY, March 2012
Admitted to Columbia Executive MBA Program