With 3 rejections before a success, I can tell you the importance of having a person who will give you a new perspective about your application, a person with the ability to look at the application from the admissions committee’s perspective. Yael brings that to the table and more. She brings a very clear thought process to developing a good application. She was super quick in understanding my profile, my motivations. 

Yael helped me see the strengths of my profile, constant0ly pushing me to improve my stories, constantly editing out the irrelevant parts, leading to very tight essays. She always seemed to have time for my essays. You can gauge her commitment by the fact that we discussed and brainstormed my essays every second day. I would often be tired and slow to grasp since it would be late night for me in Singapore, but she remained patient. By the time I had finished submitting my application she had become such a good buddy that she figured among the first few with whom I shared the good news. She also put in a significant amount of time in my interview preparations. I believe my confidence during the interview was because Yael had prepared me for practically every interview question under the sun.

 I have no doubt in my mind that her help is the reason I was admitted to the school desired. She was the secret weapon in my arsenal.

Asia-Pacific, June 2012