Share your thought process as you encountered a challenging work situation or complex problem. How did this experience change your perspective? (500 words maximum)

Well, if Harvard was trying to win the shortest-MBA-application contest for the 2012-2013 cycle, they just lost. It might be tempting to call the Darden MBA Application easy, because there is only one question, but I don’t think this is the case. While many top MBA schools include a question about a conflict, failure or challenge, they usually have more than one essay, spending a mere 500 words wisely will require a strong story.

To create a memorable story, you will need to go beyond the trivial and share your inner thoughts and analysis of the situation. Also, you will want to be sensitive to the way you present yourself – you don’t want to throw your manager, team member or intern under the bus, or sound as if you think you are  the perfect employee and leader yourself. It is important to present your story in a realistic way.
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