Can you get into HBS with 660? What about INSEAD with 650? Wharton with 650? Stanford or NYU with 670?

While there is abundant information about MBA admissions online, you can’t really find an answer to these questions. You can find the statistics, i.e., the average GMAT score for these top MBA schools, and while I have seen applicants get into Wharton, LBS, INSEAD and HBS with a 650, this is not common.
To get a reality check for your target school, compare your GMAT score to the data.

GMAT Score: Average + 20

If your score is significantly above the average (+20 points), then you’ve got a slight advantage here. The significance and impact of your great score is determined by your background (e.g., engineering versus English major) and your location (India versus Latin America)

GMAT Score: Around the Class Average

If you are near the average/mean (+/- 10 points) the GMAT is probably not going to be an issue, so while you might not be happy with the score, don’t retake it unless you think you can improve it by at least 20 or 30 points. Spend your energy elsewhere.

GMAT Score: Below the 80% Range

If you are outside of the 80% range, it is very likely that the GMAT score is going to negatively impact your chances of being admitted into the school. This means that your profile has to be very strong, from professional achievements to glowing recommendations to a strong undergrad GPA. If your overall profile is impressive, the schools will be willing to suffer the impact on their GMAT average because you are bringing so much more to the classroom and the community.

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