Frequently Asked Questions

Is your GPA going to prevent you from getting into Harvard, Stanford or NYU?
Your GPA is just one part of your application, and in many cases is not the make-or-break factor of the admissions committee’s decision.

Does it matter that you have a better GPA from your Master’s degree? Which GPA will the school use?
Yes – clearly it’s a good sign that you  decided to pursue a master’s degree and were able to be successful in it. The school is going to use your undergrad GPA, however, which means that your score will impact the average in the class profile.

What can I do about it? 
While it’s too late to change your undergrad GPA, there are a few other things you can do to show your academic abilities, such as earning  a strong GMAT score, passing the CFA, or successfully completing additional classes at reputable institutions. Of course, you can also write an optional essay about the topic, but make sure to stick to the facts and don’t give excuses.

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