London Business School have opened their online application for the next application cycle.  The LBS application is pretty demanding, with six questions that  deal with everything from your professional background to a leadership story to role model/inspiration questions.  Where should you start? At the beginning.

Essay 1: In what role or sector do you see yourself working immediately after graduation?  Why?  How will your past and present experiences help you achieve this?  How will the London Business School MBA Programme contribute to this goal? (500 words)

This is a  classic MBA question:“Why MBA, why now, why London Business School?”. The biggest challenge here is to include all the relevant information and create a strong flow. Start by answering all the elements of the question and work on the flow later.  Don’t worry about the word count; just put pen to paper and write your thoughts, ideas and hopes  for your career.

Notice that London Business School is asking you specifically what ROLE or SECTOR you see yourself working in. So, while you don’t have to be very specific about your  first job out of school, you do need to be focused and paint a clear picture of what you will be  doing after your MBA.

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