Do you know what the Demographic Dividend is? What about Near-Sourcing? And the ever-popular Triple Bottom Line?

If you want your MBA application to stand out, you need to go beyond the trivial and the common, and show the admissions committee that you are not only smart, hard-working, motivated and good (looking?), but also a global citizen able to think about the world beyond your corporate job.

To do this, you have to be at least somewhat fluent in what’s going on in the world , and exhibit this knowledge and understanding throughout your application: when discussing your experience, articulating your goals, or analyzing how a specific technology or individual has shaped your industry.  Also, the premise of many MBA program is to lay the foundation for future leaders, ones who can discuss any topic from cotton prices to the economic crisis in Europe and the impact of Chavez on FDI in South America.

If you are passionate about all things business, that’s a great starting point. If you are not much of a reader (think Economist, Business Week, FT, Times), you want to educate yourself. It’s a great investment not only in your MBA application but also in your career and profile.

Developing the right insights and analysis of how changing economic and geo-political conditions will impact your career is not trivial. Let me help you. Send one of your MBA essays to  for a free profile evaluation. Coupon Code GB12 must be included.