Have you seen the new question that Said Business School as Oxford has included this year? It goes like this: “2) What should Oxford expect from you? (750 words)”

I think this is a lovely question indeed. Unlike the understatements the British often like to use, this is a clear, straightforward question. It’s also a much easier question to answer than last year ‘s:  “Which recent development, world event or book has most influenced your thinking and why?”

Said Oxford MBA admissions are curious to get to know how you will spend your year there.  In my mind, one can break the term “Oxford” into the various stakeholders, groups and individuals you will interact with during your time at Oxford:
Fellow Oxford MBA students
Alumni of the Oxford MBA program
Professors and staff at the Oxford MBA
The overall Oxford community, beyond the business school

Envision your interaction with these various groups, and how both you and they will benefit from this experience.

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