The first question of the Berkeley-Haas  MBA application goes like this:If you could choose one song that expresses who you are, what is it and why? (250 word maximum)

How are you supposed to answer this?  Should you pick an esoteric song that no one will know? Should you go with something contemporary or more old-school?If you are an international student, can you go with a lesser-known singer, or someone that sings in French, Hindi or Mandarin? Should you provide a link to the Youtube version of the song?

These are all great questions, and honestly, there is so much flexibility in this question that you can do almost anything here. Honestly, this is not about the song – it’s about why you feel it represents you. It might be something about your personality, something about a situation in your life, something about the energy of the music. You can answer this question in a serious tone, but a fun and light approach might also work. Of course, if you can get some extra points by sharing another aspect of your personality, background or experience, that’s great, but don’t try to force it too much. Take this essay for what it is – a personal one.

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