If you want to get into investment banking and didn’t do so immediately after undergrad, the MBA is one common path to doing so. Still, getting into your top MBA program (Harvard, Wharton, Chicago, Columbia or NYU) does not guarantee you a spot at Goldman, Morgan Stanley or UBS.

When you pursue a career in Investment Banking, recruiters will often ask you to provide your GPA and GMAT score (unless you are at school that has a grade non-disclosure policy).  You will need to network your way thought MBA2, associate, VP, and senior VP, to get onto that short-list and interview on campus.

You will need to be able to answer both technical questions about balance sheets and the same kind of  “why us” question you are probably answering on business school applications. You will need to sell your ability not only to present your findings to a client and sit at the table but also to perform well under pressure.
If Investment banking is your dream, you want to get into a school that has relationships with investment banks, where you can meet the firms on campus and leverage the alumni network.  If you end up going to a school that doesn’t have such relationships, you’ll need to do the extra legwork and identify opportunities.
So, with all this in mind, think of  your MBA application as a boot camp,  training that will take you one step closer to your career. It’s not an easy process but also not an impossible one.

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