If you are applying for the Wharton MBA this year, you DON’T want to wait for the interview call to start preparing. Wharton has introduced a new format, called the Team-Based Discussion (or TBD), which requires applicants to prepare a topic and discuss it as a team. The applicants are later scored on their ability to present an argument, function as part of the team, facilitate discussion, and more.
Here I am going to focus on the first step to prepare for Wharton’s TBD interview, the presentation of the idea;I’ll analyze the team dynamics in later posts. 
 My tips in this article could be applied to prompt no. 1 – “One key business skill business leaders must have in order to be successful, long term” – and prompt no. 2 –“The most important societal challenge that could be addressed more effectively by the business community today.”
If you haven’t watched Vince Ricci’s great clip on five waysto fail the interview, please do so. Now, let’s talk about some ways that you can prepare:

  • Identify three business skills that you believe are the right answer to this question. 
  • Develop these ideas – talk to yourself, write some notes, do some research. 
  •  Tape yourself on video, and watch it. 
  • Analyze your performance on video: do you like what you see? What don’t you like? Were you articulate? Did you use your hands too little/much? How was your posture? How did the idea sound?

This exercise is a good reality checkto assess your current abilities. If you think you need to do better, evaluate your weaknesses and start addressing them as you prepare your application.

Need some objective external feedback? Let me help. Email yael@admit1mba.com to schedule a mock interview session, or to talk about your chances at Wharton.