While money is very often the motive for people to apply for MBA programs,  it is actually not a favorite topic in MBA applications.. Money may be a big motivation in your life and career decision-making, but it’s probably not a good idea to talk about it in your application. MBA programs and their admissions teams like to think that the value of a good MBA goes beyond landing your next job and making more money, and they are right. Even if you feel that you just need the MBA to get into the next PE job, do equity research at a top bank or land a strategy consulting gig, think again. Each program has plenty of aspects that you can benefit from. If you are struggling to think of other reasons for getting an MBA, consider your long-terms goals. Even if you already have the skills needed for the next two or three promotions, there are surely some areas that you can work on before becoming a CEO, CFO or CMO.

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