It was truly a pleasure working with Yael. I got in touch with Yael when I was done with my GMAT and was in a state of inertia with my applications. I kept thinking I could do those applications myself, having done a couple of them in the past. I had no idea until I tried to start. We exchanged a couple of emails and after my first chat with Yael, I was reassured about my short list of schools and confident that I was going to make progress with my application.
Yael was extremely accommodating and patient with me (I am very picky to the last detail). She gave me very useful feedback on each and every aspect of my application. More importantly, she taught me to think from the perspective of the schools – something I thought I knew how to do. But there was so much more I could do after I got those pointers from Yael. The best thing about working with Yael was the quantifiable progress after each offline edit and phone conversation. Within a short period of time, Yael actually remembered pieces of my CV, personal life and career so well that she guided me in using the right pieces of information in the right places.
Not only did I get help with the application, but also with correspondence with the schools in clarifying my queries, checking eligibility criteria, etc. Yael has always been on time, on target and a great coach. I would strongly recommend her. Thanks to Yael, I got admitted to both of the best part-time programs in Chicago, the only two I applied to. 
* JA, Chicago, December 2012