If you are planning to apply for NYU´s Executive MBA program, the first step would be to submit your resume and the pre-application (which mostly includes information about your education, employment and test scores) and wait for the call. While this may sound like something you can do without much preparation, this is not the case.

The initial call with NYU´s Stern admissions committee will determine the way your profile is going to be perceived by the school. Therefore, if you create the wrong impression, you might not get a chance to recover later in the process, no matter how strong your essays or recommendation letters are.
You want to make sure that both your resume and your presentation in this initial call fit the caliber and profile of an executive MBA student. You want to sound confident, visionary, articulate — in a nutshell, like an executive leader and manager who has a lot to contribute to the program and someone who will become a successful manager in his/her industry, with or without an MBA.

This means you have to prepare yourself to talk about yourself, know how to answer questions such as, “Walk me through your resume,” “Tell me about your biggest accomplishment,” “Why do you feel ready for NYU´s Executive MBA program?” or “What is your leadership style?”

Kate Gallego, Wharton EMBA Alumna

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