While, overall, part-time MBA programs are less competitive than the full-time option, there are a few exceptions: Berkeley is one of them. Berkeley EWMBA has been able to attract top talent from the area, and this is evident in the class profile – the average GMAT score is 692, and over a third of the class have an advanced degree. So even if you have a Master’s degree from a top institution in the US or elsewhere (IIT included), you still don’t have an edge on the rest of the applicant pool.

The admissions team at Berkeley EWMBA can afford to be choosey –  they have more applicants with a tech/engineering background than they can handle. In recent interviews with engineers (by training or profession), the interviewer at Berkeley truly tried to understand what candidates do, and what their unique contributions to the classroom might be.

 If you’ve started a company (successfully or not), you would usually incorporate your experience into the MBA application, as this is often fertile ground for great stories about success, failure and more. At Berkeley EWMBA, you are not alone. It seems as if everyone and their cousin’s cat have started some kind of venture. So when you come to discuss your exit (or decision to shut down the firm), make sure you are going beyond the trivial details of the story, that you are reflecting on what you have learned, what you could have done differently, and more.

The competitiveness of the Berkeley part-time MBA program should not discourage you from applying; it should bring out the best in you, helping you write and edit the best application humanly possible. Let me help you. Email yael@admit1mba.com to talk more about your application.