I found out about Yael from a friend Yael helped with  applications a year ago. Yael spent a tremendous amount of time helping me, ever since I started to think about applying for an MBA in May, 2012. I really appreciate her suggestion that we start early–which meant a lot more work for her. She helped me with the whole package for one school, as well as a few essays for other schools. She tried really hard to understand every aspect of me and how/why I made the decisions I made. Most importantly, she still remembered those stories in detail even half a year later when we brainstormed on materials. I felt very much like I was working with a friend who knew my strength and weakness, rather than with a supervisor.

Besides her work on my application, she really cares about my career development, since I’m a career switcher, and has given me many suggestions. She has been a model for me in balancing her passions, career and life. I really enjoyed exchanging ideas with her. I believe choosing her as my advisor was the best decision I made in preparing my applications. I would never have gotten into four out of the six schools I applied to without her help. Thanks a lot, Yael!

~J, New York, US, Admitted to Columbia, Kellogg, Darden and Berkeley