If you are an international student applying in the third round, you should know that this is a difficult situation. MBA schools like to admit most of their international students in the earlier rounds, to make sure that admitted students have enough time to get their visas and be on time for orientation. If you are an international student with a US passport/green card, your situation is slightly better.This also means that many schools have already filled a lot of the spots that are designated for international students.

This doesn’t mean that there’s a quota for Indian engineers, but there’s a good likelihood that the school has already seen a large number of top students from this pool.  If you do decide to apply, make sure that you don’t rush your application. The only thing worse than submitting your application late (or missing the deadline) is submitting one that suffers from typos, loose ideas and generic text about leadership and career goals. If you hastily patch together a weak application, it will be difficult to recover from it next year (if you need and decide to reapply).