If you are currently on one or more MBA waitlists, you should mentally prepare to  apply again next year (assuming you are still interested in a top MBA program).

I suggest that you start thinking about your application strategy for next year now, and identify steps that can increase your chances. 

1. Reality check – what was the outcome this year? Did I get interviews at my dream schools? How many? Did I secure any spots or not? You should think hard about your list for next year – don’t just reapply to the same schools you did this year, apply to a larger number of schools, and include MBA program  that are more within your grasp.While your profile might be better this year, remember that these schools already said no, and while they will appreciate the focus and commitment you’re exhibiting by re-applying, they will also see new applicants who   haven’t been stamped “re-applicant.” 
2. Analyze the reasons you didn’t get into an MBA this year. Did you spend enough time on your application and create the best one possible ? Did you study enough for the GMAT and get a score that is representative of your abilities? Did you give your recommenders enough time to write strong support letters? Did you research the schools? If you answered no to at least one question, it means you can do better. 

3. What is the right MBA for me? While the full-time program is the holy grail of MBA programs, more and more student are opting for the part-time or executive options. If you are seeking a drastic (and therefore challenging) career change across industries and functions, the full-time MBA is the right option for you, but if you are seeking to accelerate your growth at your firm and/or within your industry, the other options might be better fitted to your needs. Forget what other people say, and explore for yourself – talk with students, alumni,  senior managers, etc.

Take a deep breath. Many successful entrepreneurs have been denied admission to their dream schools and still found their way. So will you. Let’s talk about what went wrong and how you can improve it this time around. Email yael@admit1mba.com to set up an initial consultation. 

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