I accidently came across the Admit1 MBA website while surfing various blogs about the experiences of aspiring MBA/EMBA students. A few of those blogs made me think about hiring a career service to boost my chances of getting admitted to top EMBA programs. The very next day, I contacted Yael (from Asia) and talked with her for the first time for about 20 minutes. The rest is history. Yael sounded so positive, knowledgeable and caring on the phone that I decided to meet up with her on my upcoming home visit before making the final decision to hire her services.
Three weeks later, my wife and I were in New York City for four days; I planned to meet Yael and was very excited to start. I still remember our first and only face-to-face meeting in Yael’s office. Immediately, Yael made me feel very comfortable and started asking the right questions. I was impressed with her listening skills and quick grasp of my situation. Yael took plenty of notes and shared some interesting experiences. My wife also found Yael to be a very valuable resource and we were both convinced that Yael was the correct person to help me on my quest to get into one of the Top 3 EMBA Programs.
Due to my expat assignment in Asia, Yael often had to manage her schedule to meet mine. We had multiple calls spread over 4-5 months where we primarily discussed my resume, essays, etc. Yael has a very unique ability to listen carefully and also read between the lines. She always asked the right questions and dove into the details to extract the information required for shaping my essays. I have to admit that my confidence level went up multiple levels soon after I started interacting with Yael. She convinced me that I had a very good chance of getting into Chicago Booth, Stern, MIT, etc.
I decided to apply to only one program – Chicago Booth – not because I was too cocky but because my 12-14-hour-a-day work schedule (6 days a week) did not allow me the luxury of spending time on 2-3 other applications. That made Yael’s job tougher. It was going to be either 100% success or 100% failure. We both were mentally ready and Yael helped me tremendously through the whole journey of the application process.
Yael transformed my resume so much that my belief in the value of having professional help shot up. The next step was to get the essays done before the first deadline in December. Yael kept pushing me and reminding me of the upcoming deadline.  Now that I have gone through Chicago Booth’s rigorous application process, I feel it was necessary to have someone guiding me and keeping me on track. I remember calling Yael on weekends when she was taking care of her kids and she still made most of those calls productive. My hectic travel schedule also caused multiple last-minute changes, but Yael was very understanding and accommodated my requests.
Thanks, Yael, very much.
In summary, from the day I met Yael, I was convinced that I had made the correct choice. She is a big part of my success in getting into Chicago Booth (XP-84). I strongly recommend that all readers  pick up the phone and call her; the rest will be history soon. Best of luck!

-S, Asia/US, March 2013
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