Yes, we can. As 3rd-round students are still hearing back from schools and interviewing, other applicants around the globe are getting ready for the next MBA application season.

It sounds crazy, right? It’s only April; why should I worry? Application won’t be due until October, will they? Well. . . last year, Kellogg and Duke tied for the earliest first-round deadline for a US MBA: September 19, 2012. Harvard came in second with a first deadline of September 24, 2012.

You want to figure out in the next month or so whether you will be able to make the first round, or whether you should aim for the second (end of December –  early January). There’s a huge list of thing you need to complete before applying: taking the GMAT, writing your essays, learning about different  MBA programs, figuring out how to write about and present yourself, securing strong recommendation letters, and hopefully completing some impressive projects at work (or at your NGO).
I have seen students plan to take a 2-day vacation the week of the deadline and just write and write and write. The outcome is often a set of poorly written essays that neither offer insight nor impress the reader. Don’t let this happen to you!  Start now: make a game-plan and set up a realistic schedule that will ensure you can get everything in on time.
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Other helpful tips about writing strong MBA essays: