This reminds me of the famous question, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”(For those unfamiliar with the place, it’s one of the best concert halls in NYC.) The answer  is, “Practice, practice, practice.”

Getting into Harvard is a process that takes years and should be the culmination of hard work throughout your college and professional careers. If you haven’t done a lot with your life already, it’s less likely that Harvard Business School will be interested in your profile.

This is the underlying catch-22 with MBA admissions: business schools like to admit students who are already successful in their career and would become leaders of their organizations even without the MBA. Top MBA programs like Harvard, Columbia and Stanford try to identify these star applicants and give them a spot in their prestigious MBA programs because the school already knows that these alumni will be successful and contribute to the Stanford / Wharton/Columbia name.

So, how do YOU get into Harvard MBA?

You have to make your application as good as it can possibly be. This means that you need to secure recommendations that present you as a superstar, that your resume needs to be in tiptop shape, and that the single essay you are asked to write for the Harvard MBA application will impress your readers and make them want to see you in person for an MBA interview. It’s that simple. Or not.

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