So, all excited about the new video interview section at Kellogg MBA, I decided to go for a test run and see what it’s like. While I do video Skype chats on a daily basis from my office, I know there’s nothing like the stress of real-time Q-and-A.

Kellogg MBA Video Essay Isn’t Loading…

I started my quest last week, and went to the video essay tab on Kellogg’s website. I clicked on the “start test” option but didn’t get a pop-up, just a screen saying that I should allow Adobe Flash to run on my computer. I tried unblocking the pop-up – didn’t help; changed other settings on my browser – nada.

I ended up calling Kellogg’s admissions office to try to get some guidance. Since they didn’t offer any technical advice on their website about how to handle such situations, I was confident that they would help me fix the issue over the phone. After all,  wouldn’t that be a great opportunity for them to meet me in person, beyond the essays?

Kellogg MBA Admissions: Help Request Denied!

The admissions rep said she couldn’t offer any help (besides suggesting that I use Chrome), and offered to waive the video essay for me, saying it would not impact my chances of admission to the Kellogg MBA program. I was so disappointed! I asked if they had any technical guidance, some kind of document that I could follow, but she said no – my problems were  all due to my own computer.

Come on, Kellogg – that’s a real let down! After making so much noise about how this is going to improve the application process for everybody and let you see “the real me,” you’re granting video waivers to anyone who wants them.

I don’t think this creates a level playing field – some people might prepare for it and spend hours trying to solve the problems, while others will just get this ticket out–and miss an opportunity to present themselves in a new way.  Get your act together and either open a temporary helpdesk for applicants, or create some kind of document online students can refer to for troubleshooting.  Or just let all the applicants for round one (and maybe the next rounds as well) know that the video interview is not a must. 

Maybe Kellogg is worried that this new part will deter applicants, as was claimed about Wharton’s new interview format (the Team-Based Discussion, also known as the TBD), which may have caused the 6% decrease in application volume that Wharton saw last year. 

I’m not the kind of person who gives up, and Kellogg’s MBA is too good to let a small technical problem get in the way of finding the best students – who said innovation was easy?