Stanford MBA Receptions in the East Coast

If you can’t come to Stanford, Stanford will come to you! If you are planning to apply to Stanford MBA program later this year (or even next year), this is a great opportunity for you to meet the admissions team  – either in DC or NY. Getting into Stanford MBA program is competitive, so it’s always a good idea to get educated about what they do, what makes them special (beyond the ranking and the branding) and how you can join the team (hopefully!).


Rice MBA information session – focus on liberal arts graduates

Understanding that applicants with a liberal arts background are often worried about their ability to secure a spot at a top MBA program and succeed in their transition into business, Rice MBA is hosting this event on campus, on December 10th. Read more information about the Rice MBA reception here.

Duke lecture and reception in New York City

Duke’s Associate Professor of Accounting Shane Dikolli will be in New York on Thursday, December 12 to talk about “Measuring Managerial Characteristics and Their Economic Consequences.” While accounting wasn’t my favorite topic, this Fuqua professor was selected as one of the Top 5 Most Popular Business Professor across all disciplines in the top thirty US MBA programs by Bloomberg Businessweek. I guess that’s a good sign! If you are considering the Fuqua MBA program but won’t have a chance to do a campus visit to Durham, this would be a good way to network with alumni of Fuqua’s MBA in New York and learn more about Duke’s MBA program.

Women at Insead Executive MBA program –

GEMBA student Magdalena Svensson shared her story about being pregnant while studying for the executive MBAin a recent newsletter from INSEAD. In general, while business schools have been able to increase the percentage of women in their full-time MBA, there are still significantly fewer women in the executive MBA classroom. Read more about INSEAD and how they support female students at the Global Executive MBA program.

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