Guidelines for MBA Interview Thank-you Notes:

Congratulations, you’re done with your MBA interview! Hopefully it went well and the outcome will be positive, from at least one school. Whether you’re already back home or still traveling, don’t forget to write a thank-you note for your MBA interview within 24 hours. It’s even better if you can get the thank-you note sent on the same day.

The MBA Interview thank-you note is not an optional essay….

Your thank-you note should be short and to the point – you don’t need to tell your life story or repeat one of your essays. Don’t attach anything, unless you discussed a specific article in the interview and the MBA interviewer wanted to hear more about it. Thank the interviewer for their time and show your interest in that MBA program.

If possible, try to make this note personal – talk about a specific fact you learned about the school during the interview (or your school visit). If this school is your top priority, you can also mention this fact in the email, but don’t start throwing superlatives at the interviewers – it’s not going to help. Check your spelling twice and send it out.

Another thing – don’t send your thank-you note too late at night. The admissions committee member or your interviewer probably checks their email often, and you don’t want to bother them with your thank-you note in the middle in the night. Keep it to standard business hours in their time zone.

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