If you got the interview invite from Wharton MBA you are probably both happy and stressed out; you’re not alone. Wharton only gives interviews to qualified candidates – students they would be happy to admit, who have shown via their essays, resume and recommendation letters that they have the potential to become successful students and alumni at Wharton.

The good news – you’re invited to interview at Wharton! At the Wharton team-based MBA interview (also known as TBD–such a funny name), you will need to introduce yourself and present an idea for one minute, based on the prompt that you received from the school.

Wharton MBA Interview Questions

In one recent Wharton interview session, the group was exploring potential topics for a Global Modular Course or another global academic opportunity for 2015.  While students offered various topics and locations,the destination that was selected was a place none of the students had visited or worked with. Wow! Then the students had to come up with some ideas on what the course and project would include, how to structure it and how to combine it with other resources at Wharton. Don’t think India, China, Brazil or Russia; that would have been too simple (and too old-hat). Think about yourself in this situation – what could you say about education in South Africa or infrastructure in Vietnam? If the answer is “Nothing,” you are not alone – but you still have to come up with something, for the sake of the discussion, and not sound totally out of your element.

It was named Wharton TBD for a reason…

Going into a discussion which could go in many different ways is no easy task, but it is also a good indication of your ability to handle uncertainty and ambiguity. Maybe the name – Wharton TBD – originally named for Team-Based Discussion, should be re-named Wharton To-Be-Determined–after all, you don’t know the subject of the discussion until it happens.

This is a somewhat challenging experience, but if you have made the right preparations you should still be able to communicate in an intelligent way and present some ideas. Even if you don’t know the facts, you can probably come up with some good questions, relevant resources, and ideas on how to make this a valuable learning experience.

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