Social media is another tool you can use to create a strong MBA application. Today, MBA applicants are expected to do more than just download the brochures and read through the websites of Harvard,
Stanford and MIT.

Here are a few ways in which you can make the most out of social media:

1. Folllow your target schools on Twitter and like their page on Facebook

It’s an almost effortless way to learn more about the programs and what they have to offer.

2. “Why Wharton?” or “Who’s your favorite professor at INSEAD?”

These are common interview questions. By following the schools you are building your knowledge base and getting ready for the interview.

3. Connect with alumni and current students

If you don’t have any personal connections to your target schools, you can reach out to people on Linkedin (via common groups) or just send them a note.

4. Hear about local events

If you don’t feel like joining Columbia/NYU’s newsletter, you can get notifications about local events, conferences, diversity weekends and more on your feed.

5. Let them hear your voice!

If you have a unique perspective on business and already have a presence on social media, let the school know. Everyone loves to admit people who can generate intelligent online conversation and influence others.. Social media is also a good place to ask questions. Just don’t ask specific questions about your own chances…

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