My Experience at Haas Evening and Weekend MBA Program

Dovik Nissim, a manager at Google and a proud graduate of Haas evening and weekend MBA program, started his career as a quality-assurance manager, and like many other students with a background in technology and computers sought to move closer to the business side. He later worked for HP and CA, and joined Google while he was a student at Haas.  Here’s what he thinks you should know about the Haas evening and weekend MBA program:

  • Come without an ego, leave the star-habits at home: engage, participate, speak up – that’s the way to maximize the Haas experience.
  • The professors are the true stars of Haas – industry veterans who will rise to your challenge. Build strong relationships with them.
  • The network is phenomenal for someone who wants to work in the high-tech industry.
  • Haas @ Work makes it all real – sometimes beyond your imagination.
  • Never look for the easy classes. Look for the ones you are passionate about, even if they mean more work.

Haas MBA program has so many applicants from the technology sector that they could fill the entire class with software and hardware engineers, so to get in, you’ll need more than just strong technical skills. First, even though the school has seen a lot of candidates, it is truly difficult for them to figure out whether you are really THAT brilliant. Honestly, it doesn’t matter – it’s not about the technical skills, it’s about your passions, your ability to learn, your leadership experience and your personality. That’s where the MBA essay and your MBA interview come into play. And yes, your recommendation letters and resume also have a big impact on how the school is going to evaluate you.


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